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Financing your Business

Grants are like free money for small businesses: Unlike loans and other debt, grants don’t typically require you to pay anyone back. Of course, finding and qualifying for public or private funds takes some effort. To help make the process a bit easier, here are five potential sources of grants for small enterprises and entrepreneurs. State and Local Agencies — The federal government d عرض المزيد

Social Media

  Social media has taken off like a rocket as a powerful online tool. Social media is a great tool to use for socializing, marketing and promotion, or a combination of these. There are many popular social media sites all over the Internet that you can use to market your website. Most social media websites are completely free to sign up for and use, so this is a great way to get lots of free t عرض المزيد

The Magic Of Autoresponders

If you’ve ever dealt with an online company or subscribed to an ezine or other service on the Internet before, you’ve more than likely received an email from an autoresponder. Although you may not have realized it at the time, it was probably an email letting you know that the individual you were trying to reach isn’t available. Even though it appears that someone else sent the m عرض المزيد

Did You know?

More than 64% of local consumers turn to the Internet first when looking for products, business and services and more than one-third of all Internet searches contain a zip code or city or state. When a person goes online to search out a local business, a local service or product, locally in their market, they are in the buying mode. They are ready to buy. That's why it is extremely important that  عرض المزيد


TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS YOU MUST RISK A LITTLE, TO GAIN MUCH.   Advertising and marketing are important aspects of any business. Attracting customers is crucial to your business success.  So how do you attract customers to your product? One word: Advertise. Every single successful business advertises. Coca-Cola, spends just about 3 billion dollars a year advertising. Wal-Mart, the wo عرض المزيد

  About is Christian Neighbors Network Bizz. connects Christian Customers with Top-Rated Christian Merchants and Trustworthy Christian Professionals in their area. From the neighborhood's best restaurants To the country's most renowned surgeons.

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