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Press Release - A powerful marketing tool for YOUR business

Use CNNBizz Press Release Service to build brand awareness, Get MORE CUSTOMERS, INCREASE SALES AND PROFITS and GROW your business quickly.
Press release distribution helps you create buzz, increase online visibility and drive website traffic.

Press Releases

Press Releases put your business in front of the news media!
Press releases are basically word-of-journalists-mouths marketing and we all know that the media have a powerful voice, shaping the lives and opinions of millions of people.
Press Releases help create buzz, increase online visibility and social media exposure.
They are a powerful, promotional tool that can be valuable for just about any type of business.

When press releases are distributed online, they will remain live for years and automatically reaches thousands of media contacts, newspaper sites, TV news sites, radio news sites, top search engines, blogs,social networks, and potential customers.

A Press release can help you gain media's attention and invite interviews on national TV and/or Radio.
If the national media cover your campaign then your business may skyrocket. The press follow one another, so once you've achieved your first national coverage, you will probably be dealing with regular news reporters.

Tips For Radio and TV Interviews
When being interviewed, present your information in an organized way, have your facts straight and your numbers accurate. Listen carefully to the entire question before answering and keep your answers brief.

As you already know, exposing your business to millions can mean an Immediate Increase in SALES and PROFITS.

Press Releases are Not Just For Big Companies Anymore!

With CNNBizz Press Release Service, Small Business can NOW use press releases to build brand awareness, INCREASE SALES AND PROFITS and GROW their business quickly.

If you haven’t added press releases to your marketing strategies, you are missing out!

A Press Release will allow your business to create news that is interesting to your target audience and a good news story creates a buzz in your industry or informs people of important updates in your company, products or services.
Press Releases can also help to get your business more credibility. Potential consumers will see you as an expert in your field and think that you should be the one to go to when they need the products or services you offer.

If you consistently write and submit relevant and well-timed press releases, they can quickly increase your exposure and brand name recognition among your target audience.

Just about anything you do in your Business can be Newsworthy.

By no means should you wait around for something newsworthy to happen within your business before you can start benefiting from news releases. Create news stories from what’s already going on.

Here are some things that could be turned into news stories for your release:

News Release ideas for Your Business:

  • Launch of new company or startup
  • Launching of new website
  • Launching of new product or service
  • New contract with client
  • Announcements of a public/private events
  • Contributing an opinion on a recent industry development
  • Putting out financials for the quarter (required for publicly traded companies)
  • Major accomplishments or milestones
  • Participation in a business event
  • Commencement or completion of a project
  • Sales or promotions
  • Recruitment of an important or influential staff member
  • Participation in local events, fairs, trade shows
  • Donation to a charity
  • Employees participating in a group or serving on a board or committee
  • Being quoted in a book or article
  • Business’ anniversary
  • Winning an award or contest
  • Upcoming presentation or speaking engagement
  • New product launch or improved features
  • Promotions or new hires
  • Interviews on tv, radio, in a magazine, or in a blog
  • Free offer on website or in store
  • Piggyback current news article
  • Holidays (make one up if you need to)
  • Strategic partnerships with other companies
  • Acquisitions or sales of divisions of your company
  • Moving to new location (or building new office)
  • Workshop you are presenting
  • Free ebook or whitepaper
  • Research or survey results
  • Open house or other event you are hosting

Get your business news written and distributed in one place with our expert team of writers, journalists and our distribution partners, accessing major news networks online.

We will write a high quality professional press release and submit it to top Press Release Distribution Network, Top authority premium sites, Social media and many more.

Google handles over 1 billion searches per day. CNNBIZZ Press Release Distribution Service will send your news directly to the leading search engines, including Google News, Bing News, EIN Newsdesk, EIN Presswire partner sites, and WordPress publishers.

With CNNBIZZ Press Release Distribution Service your press releases will reach all your targets: digital, print and broadcast newsrooms, individual reporters and editors, consumers, financial and news portals, websites, news syndicators, bloggers, social media networks and more. We deliver hundreds of press releases and company announcements every day, reaching tens of media outlets in many countries. Whether your content is headed for one of our US industry and trade categories, or a global circuit delivered worldwide in many languages, we'll make sure you hit the right targets.

Use Press Releases to Get more Clients and Grow your Business
As you Now know Press Releases can help you Get more customers and grow your business.
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Free Press Release

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